BFW Fight Club: Did Lucas Hernandez make a U-turn away from Erling Haaland?

Like any hot match, classic Between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund it was a lively event that saw a surge of emotion and an increase in physical play.

However, in the second half, one brawl left the internet reeling as the connection between Borussia Dortmund star Erling Haaland and Bayern Munich’s record transfer, Lucas Hernandez, caused some fans to believe Hernandez was “ready to go” until he saw his potential opponent:

This is the account from the Daily Star:

Haaland, notorious for stirring up fate with opponents, was good in the fight and fired Hernandez to the ground in the second half. Bayern Munich’s left-back was not happy with the challenge and turned around to stand on his feet to face the offender.

But when faced with the prolific Dortmund striker, Hernandez immediately extended his arm for a handshake. It seemed he didn’t want to do anything with the 6’4 monster, as they then met in a strange hug before escaping.

This is the account from the Sport Bible:

A furious Lucas Hernandez made a hilarious turn into a potential heated argument after realizing it was Erling Haaland who brought him down in a challenge.

After years of covering football fight, we at BFW consider ourselves the experts in the genre. Here is our view:

Aside from Hernandez playing as a central defender rather than a left-back as mentioned in the Daily Star’s description, the Frenchman’s ‘reverse spin’ can also be said to be a bit exaggerated as well. Sure, Hernandez didn’t like the connection, and Haaland doesn’t stand above him, but it doesn’t look like he made the quick turn and then backed off. Their handshake was definitely awkward – which I imagine is not so rare when a Frenchman and a Norwegian collided in a German football match.

Verdict: I don’t think Hernandez backed down, but he certainly wasn’t about to throw up hands for the following reasons:

1 – She was in the middle of the match

2 – Haaland looks like a Viking ready to invade a country.

In the end, it’s not a big deal.

By the way, we have a podcast about everything related to Bayern Munich, where we discussed the outcome of this game in great detail. Why not check out our post-game demo below or at this link?

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