Best Ways to Reverse Gray Hair, Say Experts — Eat This Not That

Having gray hair is a normal part of life and it is common to see our hair turning gray as we age. While there is no shame, if you prefer covering up gray hair, a trip to the salon may not be necessary. According to experts Eat this, not that! the health There are plenty of home remedies, vitamins, and lifestyle changes that can help get rid of gray hair naturally. Read on – and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these things Sure Signs You Already Have COVID.

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hair expert Abdullah’s booty He explains, “Melanin is responsible for giving our hair its color via pigmentation cells called melanocytes. According to scientists, our bodies have a type of ‘melanocyte clock’ that regulates when hair turns white. It is affected by genetic factors or external influences. These things can help The following is in preventing your hair from turning gray.”

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Doctor. Jay sirM.D., of Jae Pak Medical, “The 30s is a great time for people to start fighting against turning gray. This is the time when a person’s first gray hair most commonly appears, but it can happen earlier or later. Most important Something anyone can do to overcome graying is to control their stress levels.We already know that stress can wreak havoc on all body systems, including the hair follicles.While many have viewed trauma-related graying as a myth in the past, Science actually proves the legitimacy of this theory.”

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“that eLife study published last year outlining hair pigmentation patterns and specific timescales for rapid graying transitions,” says Dr. Buck. One test participant experienced graying when they went through a painful separation, while another’s gray strands of hair returned to their natural color during a relaxing two-week vacation. This is very convincing scientific evidence that proves the importance of the mind-body relationship.”

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According to Dr. Buck, “If a person regularly experiences a great deal of stress in their life, it is essential to get it under control, even if it means seeking professional treatment. If psychological stress is causing hair loss of pigmentation, imagine potentially unseen effects to occur on the internal organs as well.”

Abdullah adds: “Grey hair can be due to an inflammatory reaction to stress rather than age. Stress causes hair to grow faster because inflammation interferes with the natural pigmentation process. Not having good sleep habits can also contribute to stress. Not sleeping well. It also triggers an inflammatory response, which can lead to premature graying.”

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Natural Sources of Vitamin D and Calcium
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“Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can cause premature graying, so first check if you are lacking in any vitamins or minerals — specifically vitamins D and B12,” Abdullah says. “Supplements may be helpful, but they will not replace good nutrition. Vitamin D can be found in foods such as salmon, milk and eggs. Vitamin B12 is found in both fish and meat, including beef liver and nutritional yeast (also known as brewer’s yeast). ).”

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Abdullah explains: “Free radical damage occurs when there are not enough antioxidants in our bodies to neutralize them before they can cause damage. As a result, there is an increase in oxidative stress and damage to cells and tissues. Oxidative stress may affect melanocytes, which are: the cells responsible for producing pigment. To treat oxidative stress, use hair care products that contain antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, E, and A.

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According to Abdullah, “there are different reasons for the problem of premature graying of smokers.

  • Smoking can cause low levels of vitamin D because cigarettes contain nicotine, which suppresses vitamin D levels.
  • Smoking can affect the immune system.
  • Cigarettes contain chemicals that can be irritating to the skin and scalp.
  • Smoking increases inflammation that may lead to premature graying of the hair.”

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“Excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to an increase in reactive oxygen species on the scalp,” Abdullah says. “It causes cell death by interacting with DNA and proteins. Because of this, melanin production decreases, which leads to gray hair, especially for people who have thinner hair and whose scalp is exposed to sunlight.”

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“Hair dyes and other hair care products often contain harmful chemicals, which can lead to premature graying of hair,” says Abdullah. “Most personal care products are largely unregulated, so there may be unknown risks associated with them.” To avoid using harmful formulations by choosing products with fewer ingredients. Bleaching agents used to lighten hair color contain hydrogen peroxide, a highly toxic chemical. Using bleach eventually causes hair to grow whiter.”

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In addition to managing stress and consuming proper vitamins, there are some home remedies Dr.. Mia Bellinger Recommend to try.

  • Drink carrot juice daily
  • Apply coconut oil to your scalp every night and wash it off in the morning
  • Apply ghee to your scalp
  • Apply onion juice on the scalp and wash it after half an hour. To protect your life and the lives of others, do not visit any of these 35 places you’re most likely to get infected with the coronavirus.

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