Ben Simmons has agreed to meet with mental health specialist recommended by 76ers, per report

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Ben Simmons decides to accept the help of the Philadelphia 76ers, and meets a mental health professional, According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. This comes after the team began fining Simmons again, including a $360,000 check for last Thursday’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

The Sixers fined him all pre-season but stopped once he informed the team and told them he wasn’t mentally ready to play. However, Simmons reportedly denied the mental health resources provided by the team, opting instead to work with the NBPA. As a result, the team opted to fine Simmons until he cooperates with the team’s doctors on his mental health and any other basketball-related obligations.

Simmons reportedly refused to share basic details of his treatment with the team. Money that Simmons was fined will be placed in escrow, as will money he lost during the initial fines series, which was eventually released after he notified the team. While Simmons has been regularly reporting to the team facility, the team will now begin to fine him again for failing to participate in any required activities, including strength training, photo sessions, some presence at drills and shooting games.

The 76ers currently have the best record in the Eastern Conference at 8-2 but they will need a decision on placing the Simmons if they plan to maintain that success. The team is currently without Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid, both of whom have gone into the league’s health and safety protocols.

Simmons’ return would boost Philadelphia’s rotation, but the trade would bring at least some needed reinforcements. Basketball chief executive Daryl Morey has stuck to his asking price, as evidenced by recent reports asking Jaylen Brown in any potential deal with the Boston Celtics. Philadelphia has so far been unwilling to trade Simmons for anything less than a player they consider a team maker.

There seems to be no end in sight to the showdown between the Simmons and the 76ers. It was recently claimed that this could run for the full four-year term of Simmons’ contract. With no trade in sight and Simmons still unwilling to collaborate with the team, it looks like this situation will continue for some time.

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