Becker’s Hospital Review: How Hospitals Are Responding to New Trends in Mental Health Treatment

IGrowing stress, isolation and exhaustion among patients and doctors amid the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a widespread shortage of mental health resources. Many health systems have rapidly rotated mental health strategies to meet this growing need. Baker Hospital Review Senior healthcare leaders from medical systems across the country were interviewed about what each organization is doing in response to current health trends.

David L.Ginsberg, MD, vice president for clinical affairs and clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine says:

“What has changed the most since the beginning of the pandemic is the huge number of people who seek care and are diagnosed with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, deep sadness and post-traumatic stress disorder. We have taken several steps to meet the growing demand for mental health services. Most importantly, we have expanded our capabilities in Telehealth and exponentially increasing the number of our virtual office visits. This has led to profound transformations in the delivery of psychological care – which has a positive impact going forward.”

In addition, NYU Langone Psychiatry Associates has turned its psychiatry counseling and liaison service into a virtual platform for a subset of patients in Manhattan. “We have also developed and strengthened our network of behavioral health services to meet the growing healthcare demands of our workforce of more than 45,000 employees,” adds Dr. Ginsberg.

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