Bayern Munich midseason player ratings: The midfield

After taking a look at the performance of the defense under Julian Nagelsmann so far this season, it is time to move into midfield. Bayern Munich has faced a severe shortage of suitable midfielders this season, for reasons not necessarily related to actual fitness. Undoubtedly, this had an impact on the teams’ performance, which you will notice reflected in the ratings.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Bayern’s midfield performance this season…

Defensive midfield

Joshua Kimmish: D +

Minutes: 1,539
Objectives: 3
Made: 4

Let’s understand something, Joshua Kimmich is definitely the best midfielder in the world, and definitely the best midfielder at Bayern Munich – that hasn’t changed. But it does not matter if he is sitting at home in quarantine due to a stupid decision not to vaccinate.

Joshua Kimmish has been MIA since mid-November, letting his entire team down in the process. Yes, Bayern exited that group unscathed, but they could have gone the other way easily. We are actually lucky that this happened in first round not the back hugTherefore, no major matches in the Champions League were affected.

Again, Kimmich is a great player, but he let his teammates down.

Mark Roca: N / R

Minutes: 228
Goals: 0
Made: 0

Roca made two good back-to-back performances against Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, but that is not enough to give the young Spaniard a rating. However, the signs are promising – Ruckrunde may give him a chance to properly revive his Bayern career.

middle of the field

Leon Goretzka: B+

Playing minutes: 1403
Objectives: 2
Made: 2

As the second mainstay of Bayern Munich’s midfield, Leon Goretzka has not met his usual standards this season. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with his performance – he’s not as good as he was last season. Personally, I think Goretzka had minor injuries throughout the campaign, which affected his overall fitness and performance. Winter break is supposed to help him.

Corentin Tolisso: C +

Minutes: 657
Goals: 1
Made: 3

Corentin Tolisso did an acceptable job filling in Joshua Kimmich when the latter was impeached, but that’s it. The Frenchman hasn’t had a single exceptional performance, and at times seems like a tactical misfit in Nagelsmann’s double-axis. With his contract expiring next summer, this will likely be Tolisso’s last first round In the club. This is one of the unsuccessful transfers with Bayern Munich.

Marcel Sabitzer: D

Minutes: 482
Goals: 0
Made: 0

Speaking of transfers that didn’t work – Marcel Sabitzer. I don’t think anyone expected Austria’s start to be difficult at Bayern Munich, given that he was one of the best midfielders in the Bundesliga under the same coach last season.

So far, every appearance of Sabitzer has been marred by dangerous gifts, ineffective passing, and a lack of noticeable effect. The Austrian has been performing well with his country, suggesting that his problems are especially Bayern Munich. Add to that his constant injuries, and that’s all first round Sabitzer has been written off. Let’s hope he can show his quality in the second half of the season.

Michael Cousins: L

Minutes: 56
Goals: 1
Assists: 1

How is he still here?

attacking midfield

Photo by Ronnie Hartmann/AFP via Getty Images

Jamal Musila: B +

Playing minutes: 979
Objectives: 6
Made: 5

The only reason Jamal Musyala missed an A here is the lack of minutes. The young player appears to be in the Bayern Munich first-team squad, and always makes a strong change whenever asked to.

11 G+A averaged over 1.01 goal contributions per 90, which is insane when you remember that a) Musiala didn’t have a fixed position, having played AM, winger and even DM this season and (b) was often grabbed during the end of Games, where he didn’t get enough time to make an impact. Musiala was also unlucky to have lost a bunch of toys due to quarantine, having not been vaccinated according to guidelines in Germany for his age group. He’s since gotten his first dose, and he needs to be fully vaccinated before back hug Begins.

Honestly, if Musiala had been at a more youth-friendly club like Borussia Dortmund or Bayer Leverkusen, who knows what he would have shown up now. And again, doing so at Bayern Munich shows he has what it takes to rub shoulders with the best. Nagelsmann now needs to nurture Musiala’s talent and bring it to the fore in the back hug. A child could be essential in Bayern Munich’s pursuit of trophies.

Thomas Muller:

Minutes: 2,057
Targets: 8
Made: 17

Despite a small tactical change that pushed him away from his favorite spaces on the pitch, Thomas Muller remains the creative heart and tactical mind of Bayern Munich. His nursing numbers are the best in Europe, and Julian Nagelsmann recognized him as his second coach on the field. The only thing Muller could improve at this point is scoring goals – and not every scoring contribution has to be an assist.

Medium Overall Rating: C +

It’s hard to give your midfield an overall assessment of this season first round, mainly due to how volatile the personnel situation is for Nagelsmann. However, there were a few issues that came up no matter who was playing – dangerous flashes in possession, a general inability to control matches, and the ball not progressing through the middle.

It is clear that improvement is needed, but in this case there is no need to worry too much. As long as Kimmich survives the worst effects of COVID-19, Bayern’s midfield should be much stronger in the second half of the season.

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