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Mikel Arteta spoke to Sky Sports after our 4-1 win over Leeds at Island Road this evening. That’s what he had to say.

Lacazette said the match plan was great, would you accept the compliment?

I say ‘Great performance from the players’, because they are the ones who played and they have to attack a team that is very uncomfortable to play against. I’m really happy with the way they played.

Three games a week, three wins, three physical games and I’m really happy.

Was the plan to exploit Leeds’ human system?

Yes, we obviously had some intent with the ball and we understood how they were going to try to stop us from playing, and there were things we could try to exploit but again I think the players understood the game well. We were really effective with a real threat, and in the first half we were really good.

Should Lacazette be selfless in his play?

That’s why I said the other day that he’s a really selfless player but he has a great talent – that he makes the people around him better. Gabi scored two goals, Bukayo scored and Emile scored, but he is the only one.

How exciting are the young goalscorers at Arsenal?

They influence the matches and that is the hardest thing in football, getting into the net. They help the team a lot.

How big a step is Martinelli taking right now?

leaked. But you also have to be a player. You can’t dump a player when you think he’s not ready, Gabi has taken the right steps, he’s developing in the right direction, and the roof is I don’t know where because he has a lot that needs to improve.

He is very humble, works hard and puts his head down, and when that happens, and his biggest passion in life is football, big things will happen to him.

This week, the team…

It’s great because after defeats you want a reaction and not just a reaction in terms of performance but also results. I think we deserved the three wins and I’m very happy.

When Aubameyang returns…

He wasn’t participating today, and that’s it.

Will there be more information for fans?

I tried to be as clear as possible. There’s also a privacy thing that I have to respect, and I’ve always done that, and that’s what you get from my side.

More clarity to re: covid – you have some cases. Are you happy to continue?

If everyone is in good health, and if the authorities, the Premier League, tell us we have to continue, we will. We always follow the guidelines. If they tell us you have to stay home, we stay home. Then there were the vaccinations, we were vaccinated. I’m sure they have the right intentions, and will make the best decision for everyone.

Want consistency (Re: Brentford on Opening Day)?

Yes, that’s what we want, that we all play by the same rules. Whether we are affected or not, everyone is affected in the same way, and if so, everyone will accept it. They have to come forward and explain.

Is it a question of a specific number of covid cases?

Whatever they decide is the best and keeps the competition fair. If it’s a number, whatever it is, it needs to be explained.

Rob Holding Reports Racist Abuse From Crowd?

Unfortunately, this incident occurred and was reported. The stadium manager will have to deal with this with the authorities. I don’t have more to say.

Can you confirm it was racist abuse? How disappointed you?

Yes. So frustrated. Because we’ve done a lot to try to avoid that, but he’s one person, I don’t think it’s worth a stadium full price. It was one incident that had to be reported, it was reported, and it is now up to the authorities to work with the clubs to try to understand what happened.

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