[App Friday] Why mental health app Evolve is one of Google Play’s best apps this year

Google recently announced the winners of Google Play’s Best of 2021, which looks at the best apps around the world and in India, across categories. One of the most rapidly growing categories is health and well-being, including mental health, with apps like Jumping Minds, Evolve, being, Sarva And the Evergreen Club is driving innovations to help people better manage their mental health and well-being.

With the emergence of COVID-19, the focus has not only been on physical health issues but also on mental health. Since anxiety, depression, and fatigue are mainstream topics in these uncertain times, we’ve decided to pick Evolve from Google Play’s Best of 2021 list for our app review this week. Evolve has been chosen as one of the best apps for personal growth. It has a user rating of 4.6 stars on the Play Store.

According to the makers of the app, Evolve can help users sleep well, deal with depression, overcome anxiety, increase productivity, de-stress and improve mental health with the help of scientifically proven techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and dialectical behaviour. Therapy (DBT).

Right, let’s go to the basics –

Evolve is a refreshing app, so much so that even the simple action of opening the app has a feel-good factor. As you download and open the app, it opens with soothing nature sounds. To get started, you must register in the application with an email address. Soft bird chirping and other nature sounds continue to amaze you throughout the check-in process. The Music icon in the top left helps you change to other sounds and reduce or increase the volume. The app’s homepage looks serene, and is filled with helpful tools and inputs on how to get started with managing your mental health.

The homepage has all the basic information so now the app doesn’t look cluttered. Instead, it looks well designed and organized. The page allows you to click and choose a specific area of ​​focus – such as self, work, relationships, or all.

The middle portion of the page contains sessions, short interactive treatments based on your personal input, and courses on bedtime routines, self-care routines for periods of pain, productivity, and other contemporary mental health concerns.

The bottom bar contains other features such as a “Meditation” button dedicated to meditation tools, a “Sleep” button for better sleep quality and an “Experts” button to connect you with mental health professionals.

Tools and sessions

The makers of the app claim that the app’s built-in tools for self-care, such as meditation, mental health tests, routine planners, motivational journals, and self-care motivations, are all created by therapists and life coaches. When we browsed through the app, we felt that the app’s content was very relevant and designed to solve millennial health issues. Sessions, routines and journals are all quick and short and presented in small sub-classes/sessions.

Let’s take the “After the Netflix Party” session as an example. This is a 19-minute audio clip that helps you get some sleep after a long screen time. There are tools like Understand Your Relationship, which helps users explore their relationship needs, pause and reflect on their love life, understand what they desire, and discover their love language. The unit is interactive and divided into three exams in multiple formats, supplemented with audio and graphics. The test units are very easy to answer, due to rating, clicking and system selection.

We felt that the test asked some very relevant questions, and helps you ask yourself the right questions as well. Unity helps you understand yourself better and helps you visualize your ideal relationship. We really liked this session and found it informative, original and complete.

Other Features

Evolve has one thing or another for everyone. From self-care courses to sleep exercises, journals, guided meditations, calming audios, breathing techniques and other resources to empower you with tips on mental health, self-care, self-discipline, self-love and self-help techniques. There are daily short quizzes to analyze your feelings each day, and even track your progress or journey. The Today page on the home screen is like the entire coordinated routine of your brain. The app also has a “Learn Something Today” feature that comes in the Instagram Story format.

Evolve is available on both Android and the Apple App Store, and is free to download and use. A subset of the features are free forever, but some content is only available with an optional paid subscription.


Evolve has a holistic approach to helping people feel better and better. Small-volume, interactive CBT-based self-improvement courses seem really helpful and relevant for Genz or GenY users. The makers of the app are sure that consistent use of the app can help users become positive, learn how to become more self-aware, overcome low self-esteem, and build self-confidence through valid self-affirmations and introspection. After spending a short time on the app to review it, we felt the app gives us enough reasons to reconsider it.


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