An unusual sign of Vitamin deficiency that you shouldn’t ignore

From chapped lips to weak bones, there are several signs that our bodies give us in order to indicate vitamin deficiencies. While weak teeth and bones indicate vitamin D deficiencies, chapped lips and bleeding gums are symbolic of vitamin B and vitamin C deficiency respectively. An unusual but important symptom is cracked heels. Quite painful and tricky to get rid of, cracked heels are winter staples that occur due to lack of moisture in the air and the body. Even though there are several reasons why one might have cracked heels, they could also be indicative of vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin C, E and B 3 are extremely essential for deficiency maintaining skin health and cracked heels can be a sign of these vitamins, especially in poorer countries. According to expert dermatologists, it is quite rare to spot cracked heels that are a result of vitamin deficiencies, but they are more commonly associated with other medical conditions like eczema, diabetes, hypothyroidism etc. Despite these stats, it is important to acknowledge cracked heels and know the role of these three vitamins in maintaining skin health.


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