Adele’s Team Doesn’t Let Her Post On Social Media

Honestly… I would like a team of people to tell me when to stop posting on social media.

As Adele’s new (ethereal) album, 30, makes it clear – the powerful singer (like all of us) drinks wine. And just as our friends sometimes take our phones to protect us from drunken posting, Adele’s team works to make sure she doesn’t have the kind of access to excessive sharing while feeling drunk.

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“In COVID, [my team] Let me have my password,” Adele said in response to Nikki’s question if she had read many of her Instagram emails. I have never been allowed my passwords for my social media sites before. This is actually a well known fact. But it is clear that the Internet was on fire during the outbreak of the Corona virus. You have kept everyone’s spirits up.”

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She continued, “I think they were worried if I was going to get drunk or be annoying — whatever I was going to do. I don’t respond to anyone, more than just posting my general thoughts.”

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Adele? be annoying? Never heard of it or anything! the following!

The “Easy On Me” singer also appears to be referring to one photo she actually posted of herself that “a lot of people know about. It’s the only photo I ever posted of myself, and then they took my password again.”

However, Adele recently led a livestream on Instagram, although she said she would “never do it again” because she “has no idea how to use it.” While she enjoyed the process and said she was definitely “worthy of the meme,” she added that she was “disturbed” at not being able to spot the platform.

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Adele, please, if you’re reading this (you’re not), I think the only thing that would keep everyone going right now is another Instagram Live.

We’ll definitely miss the comedy gold that was her straightforward question and answer (and overall relatability)! Is it cultural appropriation, though? Not much – not at all, really!

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