9 Superfoods A Dietitian Always Recommends To Her Clients

As an integrative dietitian, natural chef, and professional food expert, I talk about food all day, every day. My passion wasn’t entirely random—I grew up in a family of organic farmers, who taught me that living, and especially eating, according to seasonality is the natural way to do things.

As I transition from farm life to busy New York City, I still cook most of my meals at home and have never had a food delivery app. This lifestyle came naturally to me because I grew up, but I understand that cooking nutritious meals can have its challenges. That’s why, as a dietitian, I love to simplify healthy eating for my clients.

The first thing to do, of course, is what you store in your kitchen. Here is my go-to list of superfoods that I always keep at home and recommend to each of my clients:


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