8 best and worst foods you can have for dinner, according to the experts

In modern diets, foods high in starch tend to be highly refined and stripped of fiber and nutrients. “Eating foods made with refined flour lacks good nutrition and leads to high blood sugar, irregular bowel movements, and a change in acidity levels in the stomach. In the long run, these lead to higher complications such as constipation, decreased metabolism and even some hormonal disturbances. So stay away from refined foods like pasta, burgers and pizza for dinner,” adds Dr. Maracini.

Starchy foods are made up of several glucose molecules linked together in long chains. Foods high in starch should not be eaten at dinner as they are high in sugars and lead to blood sugar imbalances. In addition, they provide little nutrition and are just empty calories,” adds Dr. Rohini Somnath Patel, Dietitian and Nutritionist.

2. Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower contain raffinose which our body can’t digest well and breaks down at night. Cruciferous vegetables pass from the small intestine to the undigested large intestine. When they enter the large intestine, the bacteria present there begin the fermentation process, which in turn causes bloating and gas. If you consume these foods at night, you are likely to keep your gut active by doing a lot of work while you sleep and trying to get some rest. This will give you a very uncomfortable feeling and you will be less likely to get the rest and recovery you need to wake up refreshed,” says Prateek Kumar, Nutritionist and Founder of FitCru.

3. Sugary foods

“At night, I never recommend eating sugary foods and simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and noodles. For example, a sugary chocolate donut that combines the two would be a no-go for me,” concludes Eshanka Wahi.

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