4 Metabolism-Supporting Foods You Should Have Every Morning To Lose Weight By March, According To A Doctor

Dr. Amy Lee, is a board certified doctor in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine and partner of Nucific:

As a weight loss specialist, I am all about using my knowledge in nutrition science to optimize my health. I am also a true believer in practicing what I preach to my patients because I have the benefit of learning this information through my years of training.

I would like to share with you what I eat most days in the morning to optimize my metabolism. Now first, metabolism is a very generic word and what it means is what the body does in using the fuel we eat (in forms of food) to perform various functions, and creating energy. The body has the capability to either store fuel into fat cells or burn fuel to make energy.

These are the foods that tend to promote metabolism, and that I eat myself most days (when I can):

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Eggs, Egg Whites And Whole Eggs

Eggs are a lean protein consisting of all 20 amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle cells. The more functional your muscle tissues are, the more calories you will burn. This relates to one’s resting metabolism, basically the calories you expend at rest.

Plain Yogurt

Also a lean protein derived from milk products. I say plain because the flavored options oftentimes contains a lot more added sugar. Sugar gets stored into fat cells so you want to avoid it at all cost. Yogurt is great because of the built in natural probiotics which are bacteria that promote good health and plays a role in how the body burns calories and even control our hunger hormones.


Among the many choices of fruits, I am a big fan of berries because of its fibrous nature. Sure, there are some natural sugars but remember, there is also the innate fiber that helps the body process the sugar much more efficiently so the body doesn’t end up storing it. Fiber also helps with removing inflammation out of the body.

Nut Butter With No Sugar Added

I am a big fan of taking a tablespoon or two of the natural almond butter with no sugar added, straight out of the jar. I especially enjoy the kind with the oil separated from the nut butter paste which keeps the content nice and moist. Nut butter is a great lean protein, plus some fiber derived from the nut. This is also a great way to get the proteins in as well.


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