3 Simple Food Swaps That Will Make Losing Weight So Much Easier

When you first decide that you want to start working towards healthy weight loss, the initial thing to evaluate is your diet. It may seem daunting to change your eating habits entirely, and for some this is reason enough not to try at all. However, weight loss is achieved by making a number of small changes to your habits, and making intentional swaps from less nutritionally dense foods to their healthier counterparts can make all the difference in your body in the long term.

Not sure which changes you can make to slowly alter your diet for the better? We spoke with registered dietitian Tiana Glover who provided her top three swaps to help you create a healthier you.

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Swap White Bread for Whole Wheat Bread

Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not actually an unhealthy group of foods to include within your diet. In fact, carbs are one of the primary energy sources your body utilizes throughout the day, so choosing carbs with a higher number of nutrients can help improve your wellness and allow you to work towards your weight loss goals. “Whole wheat bread is higher in fiber than white bread, therefore it can help you stay fuller for longer and aid in weight loss,” explains Glover. “Make sure whole wheat is the first ingredient to ensure the bread you are getting is actually whole wheat and doesn’t just contain some whole wheat.”


Swap Regular Yogurt for Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent form of protein, but many options are packed with sugar and therefore an influx of unnecessary calories which can lead to weight gain when consumed in excess. “Greek yogurt is higher in protein and usually lower in sugar compared to regular yogurt,” notes Glover. “Protein is very important during weight loss because it helps you maintain your muscle mass, so you lose mostly fat instead of muscle.” Making this swap and topping your yogurt with a handful of berries can create an excellent meal with natural sugar to help you reach your goals while also crushing hunger.


Swap Fried Chicken For Grilled Chicken

Chicken is another type of lean protein that can help to promote healthy weight loss, but if you’re frying your meat you may be inadvertently diminishing the nutritional value of your meal. “If you are used to having fried chicken or chicken tenders as opposed to grilled chicken, making this swap can greatly reduce the number of calories in your meal,” suggests Glover. Fried chicken certainly has a space in any diet, even when you’re working to lose weight, but making sure to eat it only in moderation and mainly consuming grilled chicken will ultimately be your best bet for improving your diet and fueling your body.


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