21 Times Celebrity Voiceover Stunt Casting Paid Off

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screenshot: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse / Sony Pictures

Last month, Universal pleased a little, bother a lot, and baffled everyone except those with a practical view of films as a producer when she announced that Chris Pratt would be the control Mario’s next role Super Mario Bros. Animated movie. The actor was recently cast as a lovable, outrageous cat stereotype Garfield for the franchise’s latest animated reboot, and he’s already voiced characters in both lego movies and Pixar onwards. Does this mean that he is the greatest voice actor in the world? Well, he’s famous the actor, and has a distinct voice, but they’re not really the same.

For studios, the allure of celebrity voice choice is undeniable: star power puts their butt in the seats, Or so conventional wisdom tells us. But it’s also the case that whole-body actors can’t always master the nuances of purely vocal performance. There’s a reason anime fans line up at conferences to meet people whose faces have never been on camera — I think of names like Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Steve Bloom; In some circles Mark Hamill is better liked for his work on VO than him star Wars).

Voice acting is a distinct talent that some of the big names in live action can sometimes master (either by creating a compelling performance or by making good use of a distinctive voice), and sometimes…not so much. But when she succeeds, she can really achieve in all kinds of ways. Here 21 times I did.


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