21 Celebs Playing Teens Vs How They Actually Looked

Imagine 15-year-old Tom Holland playing Spider-Man.

We all know Hollywood turns to adults to play teens – sometimes, very old adults. To break that illusion, here are 21 actors who play teens versus how they actually looked as teens!


Ben Platt plays 17-year-old Evan Hansen Dear Evan Hansen, at age 27

Universal Pictures/Collected with permission from Everett

Ben as a movie is 18 years old pitch perfect


Olivia Newton-John as 17-year-old Sandy fat at the age of 29

Paramount Group / Courtesy Everett

Olivia Newton-John is 17 years old

The Michael Oaks Archives/Getty Images


Stacy Dash plays 16/17 years old in ignorant Series at age 29

Jerry Fitzgerald/ABC/Courtesy Everett Group

Stacy Dash is 18 years old


Andrew Garfield playing at 17/18 The Amazing Spider-Man at age 27

Jamie Trueblood/Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection Courtesy


Andrew Garfield is 18 years old


Naya Rivera plays a 15-year-old girl cheerful She is 22 years old

Naya Rivera is 15 years old


Tom Holland plays 15-year-old Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 20

Tom Holland is 15 years old


Drew Seely plays a high school student in New Cinderella story at the age of 26

Warner Premier/Courtesy Everett Collection

Drew Seely as a real high school student


Kedar Williams Sterling plays a 16-year-old girl in sex education at the age of 24

Jon Hall/Netflix/Everett Courtesy Collection/Everett Collection

Kedar Williams Sterling is fifteen years old

John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images


John Travolta plays a 17/18-year-old in fat at the age of 24

Paramount Pictures/Courtesy: The Everett Group.

John Travolta is 19 years old


Leonardo DiCaprio plays a 17-year-old girl in Catch me if you can at age 27/28

Dreamworks/Courtesy Everett Collection

Leonardo DiCaprio is 17 years old

Jerry Fitzgerald/ABC/Courtesy Everett Group


Gabrielle Union plays a teenager in bring it at age 27

Universal Collection / Courtesy Everett

Gabrielle Union as a real teen

Greg DeGauer/WireImage via Getty Images


Cole Sprouse plays a 16-year-old Riverdale at the age of 24

Dean Buscher / The CW Network / The Courtesy Everett Group

Cole Sprouse is 16 years old

Kristen Callahan / The Everett Collection


Timothée Chalamet plays a 17-year-old girl in Call me by your name at age 22

Sayombhu Mukdeeprom / Sony Pictures Classics / Courtesy Everett Collection

Timothée Chalamet as a 17-year-old


Harry Shum Jr plays a teenager cheerful at age 27

Miranda Ben Toren/Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Harry Shum Jr. as a real teenager (right)

Harry Shum Jr. / via facebook.com


Asa Butterfield plays a 16-year-old sex education She is 21 years old

Sam Taylor / Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection /

Asa Butterfield when he was 16 years old

Barry King/FilmMagic via Getty Images


Darren Criss plays a high school student cheerful at the age of 23

Justin Lubin/Fox/Everett Group Courtesy

Darren Criss as a real high school student


Greta Onyogo plays a girl of about 16 years old All Americans He is 27 years old

Greta Onyogo is 15 years old


Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays a 16-year-old in maze runner He is 23 years old

Thomas Brody-Sangster is 15 years old

Universal Collection / Courtesy Everett


Saoirse Ronan plays a 17-year-old girl in Lady Bird She is 22 years old

Saoirse Ronan was 16 years old

Focus Features / Courtesy Everett Collection

henna He came out when Sawiris was days away from turning 17.


Finally, Michelle Trachtenberg played a 16-year-old girl gossip Girl She is 22 years old

Giovanni Rufino / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

Michelle Trachtenberg is 16 years old

Which of these was the most surprising? Do you feel better about your teenage self now? Let me know in the comments!

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