2021 ISL Playoffs Match 6, Day 1: Live Recap 2021 ISL Playoffs Match 6, Day 1: Live Recap

FINA Swimming League 2021 – Season 3, Match 17 – PLAYOFFS MATCH 6

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  • Arcades 1 and 2: Aqua Centurion
  • Lanes 3 and 4: Kali Condors
  • Lanes 5 and 6: Toronto Titans
  • Lanes 7 and 8: Iron

The final match of qualifying for the 2021 ISL Championship begins today! Kaley Condors is already guaranteeing a move to next week’s League Final, while Aqua Centurion and Iron End their seasons this weekend. However, the Toronto Titans are at a crossroads. If the Titans pull off the upset and beat Kaley Condors, they will advance to the final. However, if the Kaley Condors win, the Toronto Titans will return home after this game. Kali Condor Celebrity Dressel He will not be involved in this match, opting to rest instead and prepare for next weekend’s final.

100 Butterfly Women

Kelsey Dahlia She had her best time of late but she managed to win the women’s 100 butterfly race. Dalia finished third in the 50m turn but came home faster than the lead Elena from Lido From Aqua Centurion. Toronto Louise Hanson Couldn’t quite match Dahlia’s closing speed and she finished in second place. Overall, the condor scored 15 points in the first event, 10 from dahlia and 5 from Erica Brown. Meanwhile, the Toronto Titans only earn 7 points Laura Stephens It is jackpot by dahlia.

100 Butterfly Men

Matteo Revolta He was on another level in the men’s 100 butterfly race. Rivolta was only 0.09 above the world record pace at the 50-meter turn and had a half-second lead on the field. Rivolta consolidated his lead to finish 48.64, smashing his Italian record of 49.05, set here in Eindhoven earlier this month. Rivolta took out 5 other swimmers in the race for a total of 24 points. Both swimmers’ points were stolen from the Toronto Titans, a huge blow to their campaign. Sebastian Szabo From Aqua Centurions it has been left out for an asynchronous touch.

200 women’s back

Blessed Nelson He came out fast and was .05 under the world record pace in the 100m course. Nelson fell off the world record pace to finally finish in 2:00.84, a full second and a half ahead Kylie Mass From Toronto Titans. Lisa Bratton, also of the Titans, finished third to give them a total of 13 points, although the Condors had 20 points – 15 for Nelson who earned 3 swimmers, including both Iron athletes, plus 5 points for Halle Flickerwho took fourth place.

200 men’s back

Team Iron benefited from two big swims Lorenzo Mora And Robert Glinta Who finished 1-2 and won 19 points for the iron. Cali Condors’ Brody Williams finished third despite his teammate Tom Biribonio He finished eighth and Mora stole his points. Cole Pratt And Max Litchfield The Toronto Titans earned 7 points while Leonardo God Aqua Centurion only earns 5 points.

Team score update

  1. Cali Condors – 48 pts
  2. Aqua Centurion – 39 points
  3. Iron – 31 points
  4. Toronto Titans – 27 points

Women’s 200 breaststroke swim

Kaley Condors dominated the women’s 200 breaststroke, albeit in a somewhat unusual way. Emily Escobedo She got the win, which is a slight surprise as she beats her teammate Leila King, although it was King who was the one who led the 50-meter turn. By the 100-meter course, the King had fallen to fifth, and by the 150-meter King was only sixth. King has produced 34.70 in the last 50, the fastest split at that point of the race in the field by about a second, and is back in second, finishing just 0.33 behind Escobedo. Toronto Tess Warmy Third place gives Toronto 6 points, despite being a teammate Dominic Shandera She finished eighth and Escobedo stole her points.

200 Breaststroke for men

Arno Kamenga He swam in a patient sprint, not progressing until the last 25 meters as he passed Iron’s Eric Pearson to take the win in 2:02.67. Kamenja Aqua Awards Niccolo Martinini and toronto Tobias Berg To earn a total of 12 points. Toronto is out with 6 points while Kaley Condors takes 9. If Toronto wants to have any hope of winning this game, it will need some big swimming in today’s upcoming events.

4 x 100 women’s freestyle relay

Iron took the lead early thanks to 51.97 leg by Ranomy Chromoidjojo, which was followed by 51.88 by Barbora Simanova. The Toronto Titans took the lead over the 300m thanks to a 52.54 split from Louise Hanson And hold on, thanks to 51.74 anchor shanks Michelle Coleman, who barely held out Cali Olivia Smoliga who split 51.83. Winning the women’s 400 free relay race is massive for the Titans as it gives them a total of 30 points, 18 for the win and 12 for the grand prizes. If the Condors had won, the Titans would have missed the opportunity to take second place in the team standings.

Team score update

  1. Cali Condors – 96 points
  2. Toronto Titans – 68 points
  3. Aqua Centurion – 66 points
  4. Iron – 58 points

Men’s 50 Freestyle

iron Thom de Boer I managed to get a 0.04 win over Cali Justin Reese, who looked like he had sweat in the bag until they hit the wall. iron Maxim Lobanovsky He scored 21.02 to finish third, just 0.01 behind Reiss and only 0.05 behind De Boer. Toronto Shane Ryan She ranked seventh at 21.70, while Marius Koch 8th place at 26.16, swimming simply so as not to leave an empty lane and thus only lose 1 point instead of 4 points. The Titans used this tactic in their last match as well. Due to various injuries, the Toronto Titans only have 8 men swimming this weekend, so they will only enter some athletes into the races so they don’t get penalized by 4 points.

50 free women

Cassia Wasek The Toronto Titans secured a much-needed win in the women’s 50 freestyle, despite being a teammate Michelle Coleman It dropped to eighth place, giving the Titans a total of just 10 points. Kromowidjojo and Iron’s Kromowidjojo and Melanie Henick They ranked second and fourth, respectively, with a total of 11 points, while Kali Condors took 8 points and Aqua Centurion took 8 points as well.

200 IM Men

Toronto Alberto Razetti He drove from start to finish in the men’s 200 IM, and was the fastest butterfly split by about a second. Al-Raziti’s victory as well Max LitchfieldIn fourth place, the Titans awarded 15 points in the race. iron Eric Pearson Jackpot was won by Razzetti leaving Iron with only 6 points from Leonardo Santos. Aqua Centurions earn 10 points while Cali Condors only earn 6 points.

200 ms for women

Aqua Rika Omoto She jumped in the last 50 freestyle, split 29.93, to put her hand on the wall first and steal a point from her teammate. Alicia Boleri. iron Maria Ogolkova He appeared to take victory after a 150m lap but was unable to hold off Omoto. The Iron, Toronto Titans, and Cali Condors will each earn 9 points in this race.

Men’s 50 breaststroke swim

Aqua Fabio Scozzoli And Niccolo Martinini Draw for the first, each win 9.5 points to give Centurions a total of 19 points (9 + 7 + 3 jackpot points). Cali nothing about you He managed to finish third in 26.19 despite his teammate Kevin Cordes as well as iron Eric is someone Scozzoli and Martinini stole their points.

Women’s 50 breaststroke swim

Cali Lily King She’s back to her usual dominance after getting upset at 200 chest beats earlier in the session. The king blew 29.58 to defeat Aqua Ariana Castiglioni and iron Ida Holko. Toronto Laura Stephens and ali Emily EscobedoKing, a former 200 breaststroke winner, stole his points with 12 points.

4 x 100 men’s freestyle relay

The Aqua Centurion team pulled off a huge upset in the men’s 400 freestyle relay, making 3:06.64 to win by more than a second over Iron and Kali Condors. Alessandro Mercy Moored at 45.81, the fastest split on the field, despite Cali Justin Reese It was close to 46.03. This race, more than any other this season, featured multiple teams of swimmers not even trying, simply to swim so they wouldn’t be penalized for leaving an empty lane. This was especially evident with the “B” teams of the Iron and the Toronto Titans. For the Titans, every male swimmer they had this weekend had to swim in this race. Iron’s ‘B’ team finished in 3:34.46 while Toronto’s ‘B’ team finished in 3:57.81 with many swimmers, Fabian Schwengenschlögel And Tobias BergHe had splits that lasted more than one minute. For reference, the stopping time – the “minimum time standard” that a swimmer must achieve in the race to avoid a point deduction – in the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay is 3:15.00 and the final time in the (singles) men’s 400 freestyle is 3:50.50.

Team score update

  1. Aqua Centurion – 177 points
  2. Cali Condors – 159 points
  3. Iron – 127 points
  4. Toronto Titans – 110 points

50 women’s back

Kylie Mass The Toronto Titans took a much-needed win in the women’s 50 backstroke, touching the wall on 26.11. Colleague Louise Hanson Hit the fourth wall to earn 5 points for a total of 14 points in the event. Meanwhile, Iron only earns 5 points while Kali Condors earn 10 and Aqua Centurions earn 8.

50 men’s back

For the second time today, two men from the same team finished first and second in 50 strokes. iron William Bassetto And Robert Glinta He touched the wall at 23.11 and 23.16 respectively, for a total of 19 points. Cali Brody Williams and toronto Cole Pratt Both of them got the jackpot by a passito. Coleman Stewart He scored 23.20 for the second, although he’s been as fast as 22.60 this season.

Team score update

  1. Aqua Centurion – 193 points
  2. Cali Condors – 175 points
  3. Iron – 151 points
  4. Toronto Titans – 128 points

400 free women’s

Aqua holly hippot Blow up the first 100 meters to claim the six checkpoints, even though Cale gradually bypassed Hibot Halle Flicker, iron Barbora Simanova, and toronto Julia Hasler. Flickinger, who only finished fifth at the 100m mark, took the lead by 250 metres. Flickinger ended up taking the grand prize and stealing points from Iron’s Constanza Cuconcili and aqua Laura Taylor. Flickinger is out of the race with 14 points while Hibbott, who finished fourth, earns 12 points for the Aqua Centurions. Cheered by her Toronto teammates with “Happy retirement” banners, Hasler said in a post-race interview that her swimming career is over.

400 men’s freestyle

Max Litchfield And Lock Crone Toronto gave a massive 25-point influx thanks to the 1st and 3rd places in the men’s 400 freestyle. Kron, who finished third, scored the most points in the race with 13 points thanks to his 3-point 100-meter GP win. However, Litchfield finished fifth in the 100 meters but had a very strong 100 final. Cali Townley Haas She finished second in the 100m course to gain 4 points, although Haas would fade to seventh, winning a total of 6 points.

4 x 100 medley women’s relay

4 x 100 medley men’s relay

Team Points – Day 1

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