2021 ISL Playoffs Match 5, Day 2: Live Recap 2021 ISL Playoffs Match 5, Day 2: Live Recap

FINA Swimming League 2021 – Season 3, Match 16 – PLAYOFFS MATCH 5

Lin’s appointments

  • Lanes 1 and 2: Stream LA
  • Lanes 3 and 4: London’s Roar
  • Lanes 5 and 6: Energy Standard
  • Lanes 7 and 8: DC Trident

The London Roar took a 16-point lead over Energy Standard as they finished the first day of the penultimate game of qualifying for the 2021 ISL Championship. LA Stream is in third place, just 42.5 points behind the Power Standard, while DC Trident is fourth with 141.5 points. Both skin races today will be backstrokes, neither of which has been chosen by the LA Current but a fact that works out for them tremendously, especially in men’s skins, thanks Ryan Murphy, who took down his US and ISL records in 50 strokes at noon on Thursday.

Team results – day one:

  1. Roar London – 280 points
  2. Energy Standard – 264 points
  3. Los Angeles Stream – 221.5 points
  4. DC Trident – 141.5 points

100 free women

Sioban Hogi She exploded to an early lead at 50m, turning 24.62, almost a body length difference from her nearest competitor, Fimki Heimskerk. Haughey consolidated its lead over Heemskerk in the last 50 metres, while LA Madison Wilson Dash to overtake Heemskerk. Haughey touched the wall at 51.13, winning the jackpot in London Mary Whattell and DC Annika Bron, for a total of 12 points.

Men’s 100 Freestyle

Kyle Chalmers He didn’t quite win the jackpot, despite finishing 1-2 with his teammate Dylan Carter Brings 16 points for a London roar. Although Chalmers was fastest at 50m, turning around in 21.98, Carter kept close to the entire road and got a second 50m faster than Chalmers. The Energy Standard took third and eighth places in this race. DC Trident is out by 8 points in this race, equaling the LA Current in this event.

Team score update

  1. Roar London – 300 points
  2. Energy Standard – 289 points
  3. Los Angeles Stream – 238.5 points
  4. DC Trident – 153.5 points

200 Butterfly Women

London Ellaria Bianchi She led from start to finish in the Women’s 200 Fly, taking the win in 2:06.33. London teammate Laura Lahtenen She finished fifth to give London a total of 13 points in the race. DC Trident did well to finish third and fourth in the race for a total of 11 points. Capital Susanna James It sat in second place for most of the race even though it was worn down by the power standard Helena Rosendal Bach In the last fifty. LA Current has the fewest points of any team in this race with just 5 points while Energy Standard gets 8 points.

200 Butterfly Men

Current LA went with a somewhat experimental lineup, leaving Tom Shields and choose Tomoe Hvass And Hector Cruz While that. Hvas, who swims in this race regularly, was the first leader and looked dominant during the first 150 metres, despite eventually being chased by the London team. Tabi MorimotoVeteran Energy Standard Chad Le Close, and DC Trident rear specialist Zach Harting. Morimoto was fourth at the 150m mark and then produced a massive underwater depth, reminiscent of Le Clos or Shields, to jump out on top in the Final 25 and climb up the wall for the win. Capital Morimoto Awards Velimir Stepanovich Los Angeles player Cruz, who has 12 points, plus his teammate Lanza wine Total up to 15 points.

100 women’s back

Los Angeles Ingrid Willem Blow it up quickly, turning on 27.06, and though it looks like she might be chased into the final 25 by London Kira Toussaint I managed to hold out and win by 0.08 over Toussaint. The narrow winning margin was exactly what L.A. needed as it comes as a 15-point jackpot in L.A., stealing points from the power benchmark. Georgia Davis, DC Isabella Hindley and his colleague Alyssa March.

100 men’s back

Los Angeles Ryan Murphy It exploded off the wall with a reaction time of 0.49 and looked great off the walls. Murphy was leading the field for the first 85m of the race but was eventually run by DC Mark Nikolaev Which took Trident’s first win of the match, resulting in DC’s 12-point win. energy Yevgeny Rylov, who sat on the first day of the meet, finished third at 50.11, sandwiched between LA’s Murphy and Apostolos Christo.

100 ms women

Sarah Sjstrom She was dominant in the women’s 100 IM race, although L.A. der Wetzel, who had not swam in the 100-meter freestyle earlier, nearly caught Jostrom in the 50-meter thanks to his big breaststroke and free splits. Weitzeil has been awarded the best energy standards Marie Sophie Harvey London Sydney BikrimTwo of the best IM’ers in the league. Sjostrom scores at 12 points which leads, along with teammate Harvey, to 18 points for the power standard.

100m men

Kliment Kolesnikov He came out fast at 23.14 and held his lead over the last 50 to win 51.51, beating London Duncan Scott Which touched down at 51.78, shaving 0.04 off his own British record. three swimmers, Luke GreenbankAnd Camden Murphy, And Jay Leatherland, all failed to meet the minimum standard of time, so the jackpot was won and 1 point was deducted for each, giving Kolesnikov 15 points.

Team score update

  1. Roar London / Energy Standard – 358 points
  2. Los Angeles Stream – 296.5 points
  3. DC Trident – 187.5 points

Women’s 100 breaststroke swim

Alia Atkinson He kicked off the start and held onto the win with a 1:04.38 ratio, the only swimmer to break 1:05. LA was strong in a race that they often wrestle with Anastasia Gorbenko And Imogen Clark The second and fourth places. Energy Standard comes in with just 6 points in this race while London gets 12.

Breaststroke 100 for men

Ilya Shimanovich And Felipe Lima Turning the tables on the entire encounter, he racked up 37 points – all points available – and dealt a heavy blow to the London Roar. Shimanovic lowered his week-old world record by 0.04, and hit the wall at 55.28. Lima barely escaped the jackpot, touching at 57.34. One point is deducted for both London and Los Angeles for swimmers who do not meet the minimum standard time.

50 Butterfly Women

Sarah Sjstrom Dominate 50 Women’s Butterflies to give the Power Benchmark another big splash of points. Facility with Maddy PanicIn second place, Energy Standard comes in with 22 points in this race versus London Roar who comes out with just 5 points, one of which they would give up because Ellaria Bianchi, the 200-fly champion from earlier, failed to meet the minimum time standard.

50 Butterfly Men

London Dylan Carter It looked like he might get his first ISL victory but he got run over by L.A. Tom Shields and energy Ben proud In the final counters, third place at the end. Tom Shields He wins at 22.15, about 2/10 of his American record.

Team score update

  1. Energy Standard – 430 points
  2. Roar London – 383 points
  3. Los Angeles Stream – 324.5 points
  4. DC Trident – 207.5 points

200 free women’s

Sioban Hogi She was looking for the world record in the women’s 200 freestyle. Although it just failed, it broke its Asian and ISL records by 0.01, which were set just last week, with 1:50.65, the second fastest in history. DC’s Joanna Evans swam hard and earned 1:54.36 to win 7 tridents. Meanwhile, Hoogie earns 30 points, stealing points from 6 other swimmers on the field. There is no doubt now that Energy Standard will win this match.

200 men’s freestyle

Capital Alexander Chegolev He came out fast and held onto his lead to win the men’s 200 freestyle with a time of 1:41.72. Shchegolev awards his teammate, Zain Growth, for a total distance of 10 points for my trident. Los Angeles Stream finished strong with third and fourth places with a total of 11 points, the highest point on the field.

Mixed 4 x 100 assorted relay

The power criterion was characteristically dominant in the mixed mixed sequence. In particular , Ilya Shimanovich He cracked a 55.15 breaststroke, a little off the 55.00 of yesterday’s men’s medley relay, but he’s still the third-fastest split ever (unofficially), behind his own Thursday swim and Adam Petty54.84 of ISL Season 2. Tom Shields He produced the fastest fly leg on the field in about a second with 49.06, versus what he did in Thursday’s 100 fly singles (48.99). No swimmer broke a 50 on the starting leg, and no swimmer broke a 51 on the anchor leg, except for L.A. Current’s Brett Penfold who scored a fast 46.37. However, Pinfold was the only man to use a free style in the field. The Energy Standard finished with a total of 38 points in the race while the London Roar earned 22 points, the LA Current 14 points and the DC Trident 0 points in the mixed mixed relay.

400 ms for women

Sidney Bekrim of London took a massive two-second victory in the women’s 400 miles and earned a total of 21 points in the Roar. Her teammate Katie Shanahan managed to finish fifth but after finishing second in the 200m, she had a total of 8 points. In total, London gets 29 points in this race. The DC Trident made some noise with second and fourth places with a total of 17 points while both swimmers from the current L.A. stream see their points stolen by Bikrim.

Men’s 400m

Duncan Scott She brought another dominant performance to the men’s 400 IM, scoring 22 points. Scott led the way all the way, except for the top 50 where he finished second in Los Angeles Javier Acevedo, which will eventually fade to seventh place. London Tom Dean He finished fifth to get 4 points, bringing the total points of London to 26 points. Jay Litherland and Tommy Cope produced third and fourth places, respectively, and earned DC 17 much-needed points. Similar to the 400 IM moments ago, the LA Current scored 0 points in this race.

50 women’s back skins


Ingrid Willem She brought her own speedo early to win the first round of the Back Skins. Kira Toussaint Both swimmers from the DC Trident took second place, Linea Mac And Ali Dilov, is also progressing, playing somewhat of a spoiler for the role of London Mina Atherton who finished fifth. No Energy Standard swimmers will advance, although given DC’s weakness in the first round, it is now almost certain that Energy Standard will be the winner of this match.


Ingrid Willem He stayed strong and won the second round of leather, hitting the wall again before London Kira Toussaint. Both Mack and DeLoof are out for the DC Trident.


Ingrid Willem He made it 3-for-3 in the skins, claiming 14 points in the final round. Toussaint avoids the jackpot and draws 7 points for the roar game, although roar remains 35 points behind the power criterion.

50 men’s back skins


The London Roar is now closed and the match win will go to Energy Standard. Ryan Murphy LA Current wins first round with Mark Nikolaev just behind. Advance Russian binary energy standard Kliment Kolesnikov And Yevgeny Rylov.


Ryan Murphy It went off initially with a reaction time of 0.46, although it was a bit long on the corner. Murphy, Rylov and Kolesnikov were neck-shattering across the final meters of the second round, even though they were Yevgeny Rylov The one who put his hand on the wall first. Murphy and Rylov qualified for the final round.


Ryan Murphy The skin finishes with a victory in the last round, beating Rylov. LA Current would be third in this match and most likely would be good enough to advance to the League Final but with one match left, it’s not official.

Final team standings

  1. Energy Standard – 561.5 points
  2. Roar London – 498.5 points
  3. Los Angeles Stream – 415.5 points
  4. DC Trident – 289.5 points

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