14-year-old creates device that treats mental health issues with music

When loved ones are in pain, people will do anything to help them.

For 14-year-old Sarah Park of Jacksonville, Florida, that love inspired an invention that won her a national award.

Sarah said, “My grandmother, she suffered from some mental health conditions such as depression. But when she heard the violin playing and music in general, it released her really positive feelings.”

Sarah won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge with her invention Spark Care+. It is a music therapy device that monitors a person’s interaction with music by tracking skin and blood vessel changes and user interaction.

The AI ​​then determines the best music to help that person, whether it’s classical, rock, or any other genre.

“The whole Spark Care+ is therefore intended to help with mental health and emotional well-being, because the healing power of music can actually activate the hormones serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine that are also released by common medications without any side effects,” Sarah said. .

As she wins awards, Sarah hopes to advance Spark Care+ by patenting and creating an app to make it more accessible to more people.


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